Privacy Policy of Cloud Interpreter
Cloud Interpreter makes every effort to protect your personal data and ensure strict confidentiality of your personal information, transmitted data and the content of conversations.

This Privacy Policy Statement is intended to give you an explanation on how Cloud Interpreter uses and protects the information you make available to Cloud Interpreter.

1. The data collected and used by Cloud Interpreter
Cloud Interpreter may collect and use information about you, which may include, but is not limited to, the following types of data:

  •  identification information (first and last name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, email address, etc.);
  •  personal data that you, at your own discretion, provide on your personal profile on Cloud Interpreter;
  •  identification information of your computer (IP-address, cookies, etc.);
  •  banking and financial information (credit card information, account numbers, etc.);
  •  connection quality and survey results;
  •  information about your use of the software, Cloud Interpreter products and websites, including information about your computer, platform, equipment and  internet connection, your equipment capabilities, communication channel and the type of a browser you use;
  •  data on the orders placed and products and services provided;
  •  your correspondence with Cloud Interpreter;
  •  information about a mobile device, such as the name of the device manufacturer, the device model number, its operating system and the mobile network in use.

2. Purpose of Data Collection and Use of the Data
The main purpose of collecting information is to provide a reliable, uninterrupted and efficient service which satisfies your requirements. Cloud Interpreter, acting independently or using the services of third parties acting on behalf of Cloud Interpreter, collects and uses your personal data insofar as is reasonable and which is required in order to:

  • offer products for Internet connection and video transfer, as well as other products, including those for your data and video transfer via Cloud Interpreter software and (or) Cloud Interpreter products;
  • modify and customize Cloud Interpreter functionality;
  • accept, process or deliver orders made via our websites, issue an invoice to you or notify you about your order status;
  • provide you with other services (in accordance with the description provided before the collection of information);
  • provide technical support and troubleshooting activities;
  • compare information to assess its accuracy;
  • notify you of updates and malfunctions;
  • suggest that you provide feedback or participate in online surveys;
  • resolve disputes;
  • check your identity;
  • adapt, evaluate and improve Cloud Interpreter software and websites;
  • organize and implement marketing and advertising campaigns, competitions and similar events held by Cloud Interpreter;
  • protect your interests and the interests of Cloud Interpreter, included, but not limited to, ensuring compliance with our Terms of Service, to prevent and combat fraud.

3. Transfer of User Information to Third Parties
Except as otherwise described below, Cloud Interpreter shall not, without your explicit consent, sell, provide, exchange or otherwise transfer outside the company your personal data and (or) information about the data you transfer or the content of conversations, except as required by applicable legislation or order from the competent authorities. Please note that information you are voluntarily disclosing in your personal profile, forums and comments to the posts is made publicly available and can be viewed by other users.

Cloud Interpreter reserves the right to disclose personal information upon the legitimate claim of the authorized bodies, to exercise its legal rights or respond to claims, protect the interests of Cloud Interpreter, perform anti-fraud management, comply with our guiding principles, and protect the rights, property or safety of third parties.

Cloud Interpreter may from time to time transfer your personal data and traffic data to the network operators, service providers and (or) agents if it is necessary in order to provide you with the products required. Parties that may be given your personal data may include, for example, developers and distributors of Cloud Interpreter software and (or) Cloud Interpreter products and (or) third-party financial institutions or other organizations that provide payment processing services, e-mail delivery, customer support and maintenance, as well as analytical services and hosting. Cloud Interpreter shall at all times require that such third parties take appropriate organizational and technical measures aimed at protecting your personal information and web traffic data, and ensuring compliance with applicable legislation.

The information collected by or sent to Cloud Interpreter may be stored and processed in the Russian Federation, as well as in any other country where the equipment of Cloud Interpreter is installed. In connection therewith or for information exchange or data transfer in accordance with this article hereof, Cloud Interpreter reserves the right to transfer information outside your country. By using Cloud Interpreter software, Cloud Interpreter websites or Cloud Interpreter products, you provide your consent to the transfer of any information outside your country.

In expanding its operations, Cloud Interpreter may sell or buy subsidiaries or branches. In case of such transactions being accompanied by a third party acquisition of the entire Cloud Interpreter as a company or the majority of its assets, personal information of Cloud Interpreter users will constitute one of the assets to be transferred to such a third party. We reserve the right to include your personal information in any such transaction with a third party.

4. Cookies and their Function in Cloud Interpreter
By using Cloud Interpreter websites and (or) software, you give your consent for the use of cookies. You may at any time cancel the use of cookies, either by changing your browser settings (if your browser allows such action) or discontinuing to use Cloud Interpreter websites and (or) software. Please note that particular features at Cloud Interpreter are available only when using cookies, and if you choose to reject cookies such features may become unavailable to you.

5. User Profile
Your personal information is information that you provide when registering with Cloud Interpreter. This information is displayed at It includes your username in Cloud Interpreter, full name, address, telephone numbers and any other information you wish to specify. By opening your personal data from the account dashboard at, you can view, edit or add information, as well as delete optional data.

6. Third Party Websites
The Cloud Interpreter website may contain links which gives you access to other websites, and leaving the Cloud Interpreter website. The websites these links lead to are not monitored by Cloud Interpreter and their use is governed by other privacy policies. Cloud Interpreter’s Privacy Policy applies solely to personal information collected on our websites and through the use of Cloud Interpreter software and other Cloud Interpreter products, and to information resulting from your interaction with Cloud Interpreter. Cloud Interpreter strongly advises you to exercise caution when disclosing your personal data online. Cloud Interpreter shall not be liable for any actions of other websites.

7. Protecting Your Personal Data in Cloud Interpreter
Cloud Interpreter will take all organizational and technical measures necessary to protect personal information and traffic data provided to or collected by it, while observing all obligations and exceptions imposed by applicable legislation. Access to your personal information and traffic data is made available only to the authorized employees of Cloud Interpreter or service providers who need access to your data to perform their professional duties.

8. Feedback Communication with You
From time to time Cloud Interpreter may ask you to tell Cloud Interpreter about your experience in using the company’s products and such information will be used to make an assessment about the quality of our products and the measures required for improvement of quality. Under no circumstances are you obliged to provide such data. Any information voluntarily provided by you while filling out survey questionnaires on the website or resulting from participating in the polls is used to evaluate these surveys and enhance Cloud Interpreter software.

Cloud Interpreter may contact you to inform you about malfunctions and problems with service provision. In addition, Cloud Interpreter reserves the right to inform you via e-mail or Cloud Interpreter software of any claims arising related to your use of Cloud Interpreter software, Cloud Interpreter website and (or) Cloud Interpreter products, including, but not limited to, claims about violation of third party rights.

Cloud Interpreter may use e-mail or Cloud Interpreter software in order to inform you of news related to Cloud Interpreter software and Cloud Interpreter products you have purchased, to inform you about other Cloud Interpreter products, as well as to provide you with other information related to Cloud Interpreter.

9. Reviewing and Modifying Personal Data
You have the right to review and whenever necessary modify your personal information on by logging into your account. We undertake to examine and respond to requests related to access, modification, addition or deletion of personal data within a reasonable time after your identity has been verified
Cloud Interpreter shall use all reasonable efforts to comply with requests to delete personal data unless such data is stored according to requirements of the law or essential for legitimate business purposes.

10. Storage Period of your Personal Data at Cloud Interpreter
Cloud Interpreter will keep your data as long as it is deemed necessary: (1) for achievement of the company’s aims and objectives (in accordance with Article 2 hereof) or (2) for compliance with requirements of legislation and complying with requests of regulatory authorities and orders given by courts of competent jurisdiction.

11. Policy towards Children
Cloud Interpreter software and websites are not intended to be used by children under the age of thirteen. Cloud Interpreter encourages all parents to monitor the use of the Internet by their children in order to prevent disclosure of any information by a child without parental permission.

12. Changes to this Privacy Policy
Cloud Interpreter may from time to time make changes to this Privacy Policy in accordance with the changes in our software and (or) products and in accordance with user feedback. When publishing changes to this Privacy Policy at, we update the last revision date indicated at the end of this Privacy Policy Statement. In the event of significant changes in this Privacy Policy or in our approach to the use of personal information, we will notify you either by the prior publication of a notice of such changes or directly sending you notification. You agree that your continued use of Cloud Interpreter software or products constitutes confirmation of your acceptance of the Privacy Policy. We recommend that you review this Privacy Policy Statement on a regular basis as it will allow you to stay up to date with the principles Cloud Interpreter applies for your data collection, protection and use.


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