Order interpreting in three easy steps:


Step 1 – choose a language combination

Your language will be set automatically, but you can change it if you wish. 


Step 2 – choose the date, time and mode or make an on-demand call.

To choose the date, click on the selected day on the calendar, and a menu for choosing the time zone will appear. The time zone will be set automatically, but you can change it to any time if you wish.

Click on the appropriate time on the horizontal bar and drag the cursor to choose the meeting time. Choose empty time slots to book an interpreter.

Select mode: is it a direct video call to an interpreter or a video conference with interpreting? You make the choice.


Step 3 – place an order.

Click OK to confirm the choice of time, mode and click Next – then go to your order.

The other party should confirm the meeting by simply following the link in an e-mail.


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