Just imagine that you can communicate with a native speaker in any language, anywhere. Communicate freely as you would in your own language to any foreigner; even a deaf person. Or use our conference mode and it will seem as if the people you are talking to are sitting right in front of you completely involved in the conversation. No need to struggle to find the right words to say in any situation. No more wild gestures trying to convey your thoughts. During a video call or video meeting, you will have an experienced interpreter, who will not only interpret the meaning of what you say precisely and effectively but communicate your emotions simultaneously within the context of the conversation in the language of the other culture.


It is already possible today, and this is why we have created the Cloud Interpreter service: to connect people globally. 


Here are five reasons why you should definitely try our service:


1. Communicate freely

You will surely love the feeling of a calm and reliable communication process with a foreign partner or deaf person with the assistance of a professional interpreter. We give you the luxury of free communication, unburden by formalities, so you can concentrate on what is important to you—knowing that we will make sure the communication runs smoothly and clearly.


2. Time

You can get in touch with an interpreter at any time and from any place at your convenience. By simply using a tablet or smartphone while you travel—you can easily hold a conversation from any place where there's a good Internet connection; a layover at the airport, sitting in a café, lounging at a hotel or even lying on a beach! No more wasted time making complicated arrangements or worrying about long flights.


3. Distance

Our service is available from any part of the globe where there is a reliable high-speed Internet connection. Distance is not an issue. Do you need to have a video-talk with someone from Australia or Argentina? A piece of cake! Or maybe you are in Australia or Argentina and do not understand the people you're talking to—make an on-demand call to an interpreter and one will help you at the flick of a button! 


4. Technology

Our service takes advantage of the state-of-the-art technology available to everyone. You will see that your computer or gadget can work for you in a much more effective way, thereby saving you precious time and hard-earned money. We guarantee support for modern mobile devices and we are constantly working on extending the list of opportunities for you.


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Cloud Interpreter

Interpretation, face-to-face from any location. The Internet has made long distance communication easy and accessible to everyone. Cloud Interpreter removes the final language barrier. Concentrate on what is important for you: business, making contacts, or a friendly conversation. Our interpreters make sure you are understood correctly.


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