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Cloud interpreter makes it possible for people speaking different languages to have live communication freely without installing any additional software. We use the latest technology available in order to make the on-line communication as easy and accessible as possible.

We make interpreting more accessible

Cloud Interpreter pioneers a new wave of interpreting. We bring expensive professional services to a new level of accessibility. Don’t miss out on your chance to “taste the fruit” of this new, exciting information revolution and quickly see the benefits!

Our team

Cloud Interpreter is a team of highly professional and experienced interpreters available through a video channel. With us, you can hold negotiations, make new contacts, request a service, or stay in touch with your family. We are not only introducing a new standard of interpreting, but we’re raising internet communication to a whole new level all at your fingertips.

Our plans

Creating a browser version of Cloud Interpreter and mobile applications are just the beginning. Our future plans for the service are also focused on API for dating websites and social networks, in addition to top universities, clinics and many other multinational institutions where communication is the key to progress, and time is of the essence. We are consistently working on a wider number of languages including sign language, as well as diversifying our topics and implementing new, innovative approaches in the selection process for our interpreters. Why not sign up for our newsletter and be one of the first to learn and experience all there is to know about this exciting new technology?

Cloud interpreter for everybody

Cloud Interpreter is a flexible and reliable system that helps you get in touch with a real live professional interpreter from any place on the globe offering a good internet connection. Whether it’s a simple communication with a foreigner or an arrangement in a remote part of the world, we will help you no matter your time or location and inform the other party of your intentions.


Cloud interpreter is an easy and handy system that can help you make quick video calls to an interpreter who will assist you with your translation needs be it for personal situations or business arrangements. There is no need to set up a call with an operator, invite interpreters on site or travel. Our Cloud Interpreter makes it much more accessible and cost-effective for you!


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Cloud interpreter for business

Cloud interpreter is a first of its kind, an easy and open system for arranging negotiations with interpreting. No need for you to purchase costly conference equipment, invite interpreters or go on a business trip. Our cloud interpreter solves all these problems for you!

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Cloud Interpreter

Interpretation, face-to-face from any location. The Internet has made long distance communication easy and accessible to everyone. Cloud Interpreter removes the final language barrier. Concentrate on what is important for you: business, making contacts, or a friendly conversation. Our interpreters make sure you are understood correctly.


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